OG YouTube Apk Download – OgYouTube Video Downloader App (Latest)

YouTube is the largest video streaming platform out there not only in terms of views but also in terms of the content that are uploaded to the platform. Even though there is an official YouTube application for Android, the default YouTube app does not offer many features that they users mostly want.

For instance, the official YouTube app does not allow users to download only the audio file from YouTube videos. If you are looking for an alternative YouTube app that can provide additional features, today we bring you a detailed article on the popular OG YouTube app. Here, we have shared the download link of OG YouTube Apk file. Let’s get started.

OgYouTube apk

What is OG YouTube?

OG YouTube APK is a third-party mod version of the official YouTube application that provides you with additional features apart from just allowing you to view videos.

Yes, OgYouTube is the perfect and one-stop App to Download YouTube Videos Directly from Your Phone. It’s Possible to Download Any YouTube Video With 1 Click. OgYouTube comes with the same interface as official YouTube App.

You Just Have to Choose the Video Which You Need to Download and click on the Download Button. OG Youtube Will Download Your Video Instantly and Save to Your Phone. You Can See It. You Just Need a Media Player to Play Video. If You Have Any Video Player on Your Device, then Just Download Mx Player Pro to Play Any Video File.You Can Download YouTube Videos With OgYoutube in Any Quality. Choose the Quality Of Clicking the Download Button. There Are a Number of Formats Available for Download. You Can Even Download 720p High-Definition(HD) Quality Videos With OG YouTube App.

OgYouTube Apk Details:

App Name:OGYouTube.Apk
Version:V4.2 – 12.43.52
Size:42.9 MB
Compatible:Android 4.1+
Root Required?Not Required.
Purpose:YouTube Video Streaming & Downloading App
Disclaimer:This app shared here are for educational purpose only. The information shared here may not 100% Correct. We don't host any App. All APK Files are hosted by 3rd party sites.

Features of OG YouTube:

OgYouTube Features

OG YouTube APK is a very popular YouTube client for Android and below are some of its key features:

  • Download YouTube Videos Directly: Unlike the official YouTube app, the downloaded videos do not have an expiration period on OG YouTube.
  • Download Audio only: OG YouTube APK allows you to download YouTube videos in MP3 format so that you only get the audio file from the YouTube video, in case the video is not of use for you.
  • Different video resolutions: OG YouTube lets you play videos in any video resolution ranging from 140p all the way till 1440p.
  • Download multiple videos at once: You can download multiple videos at once using OG YouTube APK for Android, unlike the official YouTube app wherein you can only download videos one after the other.
  • Rename video title: If you want to rename video titles then you can do the same before downloading using the OG YouTube APK.
  • Play videos in the background: Using the OG YouTube APK for Android, you will be able to play any video files in the background so that you can do some other tasks with the video playing in the background.

Other List of Features:

  • OGYouTube offers advance Feature Compare to original App.
  • Also Download Video in Mp3 Version.
  • And Download youtube video Easily.
  • Faster then Official app.
  • Also, Change the name of Video.
  • Download Video Any Quality.
  • Multiple Video Download in Same time.
  • Also, Play background When Mobile Screen is a lock.
  • And Play Video in Any Resolution.
  • High-Speed Then Orignal Youtube.
  • Also, hide your search history.
  • Give Privacy option.
  • Share Video With Friends.
  • Also, Remove search history.
  • Much More.

Download OGYouTube APK (Latest Version):

In this section, you will get the download link of OGYouTube app. OGYouTube app is a really cool YouTube client which lets you download any video from YouTube directly to your Android Smartphone. By using OGYouTube app, you can download video in any of the available resolutions, and even directly in MP3 format if you want.

OgYouTube App

In general, OGYouTube works just as the official YouTube client. In fact, it’s an old version of the official client, with just one small difference: a download button under each video you watch there. Pressing this button lets you choose the format and quality of the video that you want to download to your device’s memory card. Below is the download link of OGYouTube App.

Download OgYouTube Apk

Download MicroG for OgYouTube

Obviously, you can watch any video with the official YouTube client but with OGYouTube, you will get more features such as playing videos from the background. OGYouTube APK is most likely the best YouTube download client available for Android device, even though there are many other YouTube video downloader apps which are also quite excellent but Its interface and usability (the same as YouTube) make it the best possible option for downloading videos with the ame interface.

How to install OG YouTube on Android?

If you are interested to know how to install OG YouTube APK on Android, then below is a detailed guide explaining each step to install the OG YouTube APK on any Android device.

  • First of all, you need to download the OG YouTube APK from here.
  • If you have downloaded the APK file on your PC, connect your Android device and then copy the APK file to the root internal storage space of your device.
  • Enable installing of apps from unknown sources on your Android device. To do the same, launch the “Settings” app and then click on the “Security” option. Now, enable the option that says “Unknown Sources”.
  • From your Android device, navigate to the APK file that you just downloaded and click on the same.
  • The installation window for the OG YouTube APK will now appear.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

And that is how you can easily install OG YouTube APK on Android.

OG YouTube for PC

If you wish to have the OG YouTube APK installed on your PC, then we have a guide for that mentioned below.
In order to install Android APK files on PC, we make use of an Android Emulator software. For this tutorial, we have used the Bluestacks Android Emulator tool, which is one of the best Android emulator tools out there.

  • First of all, download and install the Bluestacks Android Emulator from here on your PC.
  • Now, download OG YouTube APK file from here on your PC.
  • Navigate to the OG YouTube APK file that you downloaded from above and click on the right mouse button.
  • From the options that appear, click on “Open With” and then choose the “Bluestacks” tool.
  • The Bluestacks tool will now launch. If you haven’t logged in already to Bluestacks, do the same using your Google account credentials.
  • The OG YouTube APK will now be installed on your PC.
  • Wait for the installation to complete.
  • Once the installation is complete, you can now conveniently use the OG YouTube APK from your PC.

OG YouTube

OgYouTube Change Logs:

v3.1 – 14/04/2017

  • Fixed an issue with Popup mode
  • Fixed an issue with seeking controls
  • Fixed an issue that caused the video to stop when playing it in Background

v3.0 – 13/04/2017

  • Added Downloads Queue
  • Added Seek Controls (Position, Volume, Brightness)
  • Fixed some issues with updating the download links
  • Fixed some issues with downloading
  • Revamped Settings Screen
  • Improved the Downloads app
  • The Black screen when you come back from Popup/Background mode, will be added back sooner now
  • Other Bug fixes and improvements

v2.7 – 01/04/2017

  • Root version and No-root version now support devices that doesn’t have Google Services installed
  • Added back “Enable All Qualities” option (doesn’t work on all devices)
  • Improved videos decryption process
  • Fixed some issues with Android 4.x
  • Improved ‘Downloads’ app
  • Supported x86 architecture
  • Other bug fixes

v2.6 – 28/03/2017

  • OGYouTube (Unroot version only) now support Devices that doesn’t have Google Play Services installed
  • Download notifications will vibrate only instead of making sound
  • Fixed an issue when starting the app for the first time
  • Fixed an issue when clicking the option menu on subscription videos
  • Improved the download notification on Android Nougat
  • Removed “Enable all qualities” since it doesn’t work anymore
  • Minor fixes and improvements

v2.5 – 27/03/2017

  • Updated the base version to YouTube 12.10.60
  • Support the download on Android Nougat
  • Fixed some issues with decrypting videos
  • Fixed some issues with downloading
  • Other bug fixes

v2.1 – 31/08/2016

  • Support downloading to the external SDCard (only on Lollipop and newer versions)
  • Added an option to set a speed limit for downloads
  • Added an option to select how many threads for each download
  • Added back the option to auto switch to background playback
  • Added an option to reset the transaction id (on Remove Ads)
  • Fixed the issue that kept the download stopping by itself
  • Fixed some decryption issues
  • Fixed the default screen option
  • Improved the download process
  • Improved some other functions
  • Many bug fixes and improvements

v2.0 – 05/05/2016

  • Updated the base to YouTube 11.16.62
  • Fixed Popup issue on Android Marshmallow
  • Fixed the Chromecast issue
  • Fixed some download problems
  • Supported chunk download (Download speed should be 5 times faster now)
  • Now you only need 1 app to fix login fix (thanks to @MaR-V-iN)
  • Many bug fixes and improvements

v1.2 – 13/01/2016

  • Android Marshmallow is now supported
  • Fix download issues with some videos
  • Other bug fixes and improvements

v1.1 – 22/11/2015

  • Updated to base 10.45.53
  • Improved Download UI
  • Added a new button to go to background
  • Added a new option to go to background mode automatically
  • Fix download issues with some videos
  • Fix default quality problem
  • Other bug fixes and improvements

v1.0 – 16/08/2015

  • Support downloading 60FPS
  • Added Download button in Video’s menu (Download w/o opening the video)
  • Ability to Hide Downloads icon
  • Ability to Rename videos before download
  • Last downloaded quality will be selected automatically
  • Fix bugs with merging files
  • Fix default quality problem
  • Fix notifications issues
  • Fix download issues with some videos
  • Login Fix

v0.9 (Beta) – 17/04/2015

  • Updated the base to 10.13.54
  • New option to ‘Remove Ads from (Downloads) app’
  • New option to ‘Clear downloads’
  • New Support 60FPS
  • New option to set ‘Default screen’
  • New option to set ‘Default Quality’
  • Added ‘Downloads Setting’ inside YouTube Settings
  • Background Playback is on by default
  • Enable ExoPlayer (Dogfood) options in YouTube Settings
  • Fix MP3 Downloading Problems
  • Other Bug Fixes

Screenshots of OgYouTube App:

FAQs About OGYouTube App:

You might have some question running on you mind about OGYouTube. Here we have shared some of the Important FAQs about the latest OGYouTube 2018 version apk. These are the some of the questions that we received recently, if you have any other query regarding this app then let me know in comments.

Q1) Is My Phone Will be safe if I Use OGYouTube apk?

A1) Yes, Don’t worry

Q2) Is It’s Better than Official YouTube App?

A2) Yes, OGYouTube is better than Official YouTube App

Q3) Is OGYouTube for iPhone available?

A3) No, OGYouTube for iPhone devices is not available

Q4) Videos are not working in Background With OGYouTube app ?

A4) If videos are not working in Background, then Open OGYouTube app, click On Settings – Downloads, and Tick on “Enable Screen-off Playback” and “Enable Background Playback“. Also, Some Devices Don’t Support in Play Background. But in Maximum Devices, It will work

Q5) Is OGYouTube App Supports ATR ?

A5) Yes, OGYouTube Supports ATR, on all android version

Q6) OGYouTube Is Crashing on My Android Device, What Should I Do?

A6) If OGYouTube Is Keep Crashing on your Device, then you can try some other version of the app

Q7) What is the different between OGYouTube and YouTube?

A7) With OGYouTube you can download videos from YouTube , and play videos in Background

Q8) Do I need to Uninstall Official YouTube App to use OGYouTube?

A8) No, You don’t need

Q9) I am not able to Sign in Into my Account, What Should I Do?

A9) If you are using this app Without Xposed Module, then Sign in Feature will not work, the developer is Still working on it

Q10) When I try to download music it gives me an error, what can I do?

A10) Reboot your android device

Q11) Can my account be banned by YouTube when I use OGYouTube?

A11) No, OGYouTube is free from the ban (anti-ban).

Final Words

For those who love YouTube but were not satisfied with the official YouTube app, OG YouTube APK is the best choice, As the application offers all the content of YouTube along with some additional user friendly features like the ability to download multiple videos at once and the ability to convert YouTube videos to MP3 file format before downloading.

Hope you found this article on OG YouTube APK for Android and how to install OG YouTube APK on Android and PC helpful and easy to follow. If you have found any difficulties in installing the OG YouTube APK either on your Android device or PC, feel free to leave a comment below and we will help you out.

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